Is Beacon Technology New To You?

It is no wonder that we all have been introduced numerous technologies lately and indeed some are immensely confounding and some are a rocket science to us going all above us head. Same goes to beacon technology. It has left us all perplexed ever since it came into existence in 2013 by Apple.So let’s explore about this new
comer in the World of technology.

Is Beacon Technology New To You?

What Really Is Beacon Technology?

Veraciously Beacons are tiny, wireless transmitters that tend to use low-energy Bluetooth technology in order to send signals to other smart devices nearby a user.Infact they are considered to be the newest, unique development in location technology and proximity marketing. They tend to connect and transmit information with smart devices making location-based searching and interaction relatively convenient and more accurate.

How Do Beacons Actually Function?

The beacon device in its own is impeccably simple. This device contains a CPU, radio, and batteries, and it functions persistently broadcasting out an identifier. However this identifier is then picked up by your device and however the identifier is a unique identification number that your smartphone recognizes as unique to the beacon.

What Are the Pros of Beacon Technology?

This new technology has unleashed some of the undiscovered angles for each and every one of us. It has unrevealed numerous benefits indeed so let’s dig into it.

1. Out-of-store marketing:

Any significant information that you desire your potential customers to be aware of could be transmitted directly to any receptive devices that are within the range of your beacon. Infact this can be a simple alert which notifies the user that they are in your shop however the alert could be something more complex, like sending messages related to discounts, loyalty programs, and competitions that you are running.

2. Advanced data gathering:

This can be used in tandem with ecommerce platforms in order to adapt and make product listings and in-store layout better. If you are able to find that the majority of your customers are spending their time browsing the home ware section at the back of a store then this area could be expanded or brought to the front foot. This data can further assist to refine the customer journey enhancing future marketing campaigns and boosting in-store conversions.

3.Customer Benefits:

Who says this that Beacon Technology has left us all only perplexed. This technology has also brought ease in our lives and that ease is particularly customer benefits. In fact Beacons assist to enhance the user experience by attaching an extra layer of personalized interaction while doing shopping. Targeted ads and offers from their favorite brand’s interaction construct trust and familiarity which helps to enhance relation between buyer and seller. In the era of online and offline shopping, consumer’s confidence and trust matters most since they have got bundle of choices out there. Sobetter be cautious now than regret later.

Beacons in the Field of Marketing

It is expected that beacon technology has vast scope in proximity marketing as well as location-based technology. Beacons tend to offer Google a platform in order to better understand businesses that use their services as well as the users themselves, in order to enhance their algorithm. For instance the logistics and transportation industry has been using location-based technology a lot lately. Moreover Bluetooth low-energy beacons can be used for more accurate asset tracking, particularly indoors.

Furthermore in order to track objects themselves beacons can come into usage for tracking people such as patients or doctors in hospitals during emergencies. In fact the retail industry has been using it a lot lately however the technology is expected to get better with time.We can expect other sectors to follow in understanding how beacon technology can aid their day-to-day activities.

Final Thoughts

It is true that there was a lot of the hype about this technology however it did not come as expected but its new association with Google Programmers will certainly make it better and advanced. So lets cross fingers across and sit back,observe,pray for its success. However it will not be a lie to profess that this technology is a massive even now.It really has won millions of hearts already.